Monday, May 18, 2020 at 12:12 PM
Public Masses has resumed in Our Diocese of Pueblo May 16/17.  See Fr. Stephens Announcements and Notes for Details
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Fr. Stephen's Announcements and Notes

Public Masses has resumed in Our Diocese of Pueblo May 16/17. 

Greetings God’s good people and welcome. We are so grateful to have resumed public Mass. However, there is still a limit of 10 people per area. We will resume effective this weekend. May 16 and 17. 

Please be reminded, our regular Schedule for Masses. Saturdays - 4pm and Sunday 8am. Weekdays: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pm, Fridays and Saturdays; Adoration begins 7am and Mass 8am. Everyone may not be able to attend these Masses; mass will be livestreamed – and not recorded. We will have four locations set-up.   As the number of those that can gather change, this too will be modified.  

We hope that all parishioners who want to can attend one Mass, giving others the opportunity to attend. The General Dispensation from the Sunday Mass Obligation remains in effect until further notice. Only those who want to come and are not vulnerable or high risk should attend. If you have symptoms or are sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.

This is a good time and to prepare our heart, out of gratitude and charity, please follow these guidelines. For some they may be “too much” for some “too little.” While we respect everyone’s views on the whole situation, these prudent guidelines allow us to reverently celebrate Mass while also being cautious and respectful. Our hope is that this will work with everyone’s cooperation.

It is our prayer, that soon we will get to a point when things will be okay again. For now, we will be following these guidelines. 

We have rearranged the church for safety:  Gathering of no more than 10 people will continue in the Church, overflow will be set-up in the Villa Joseph Parish Center (10 people), Villa Maria (10 people), and Kevin Hall (10 people).  Everyone in these areas will be afforded the opportunity to receive Holy Communion. 

To afford the opportunity to everyone that wishes to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion we have set-up a plan to afford you the opportunity to attend one public Mass a week.  Again, as the number of those that can gather change, this too will be modified.   

The Church and all areas have been rearranged in accordance with guidelines to keep a safe distance of all who gather for worship. 

Missals in the church are removed and we  ask/encourage you to bring your own for the readings, if you wish.

Ushers will guide you to a place to sit, please follow their guide. Thank you for cooperation. 

We sadly discourage socializing before and after mass. Hopefully, we can put this behind us very soon and we catch up.

Collection baskets will be stationed at the back of the Church and not passed around. 

While at mass, during the kiss of peace, simply nod or wave. No hugging, kissing or shaking hands.

Reception of the Eucharist can be received by hand or tongue. We ask that you receiving by hand, however, those who prefer to receive by tongue are welcome to come forward after those receiving by hand. Communion cannot be distributed or received ith hand gloves on. 

Parents, please plan on the children, so they don't take off to go greet people and risk a potential infection. Children, stay with your family, before, during and after mass.

Restroom will be open, BUT ONE PERSON AT A TIME.


If you would like to attend a public Mass and receive Holy Communion please respond to this email ASAP with the Mass of your preference choosing  from the list of the 6 Mass options above.  Please also include the number of people from your family that will be attending.  We ask that you provide three choices to help us make accommodations and honor your request to the best we can.  

We also ask for your patience, understanding, and prayers as we navigate the unprecedented challenges before us.  

I pray for the day this is behind us and we once again are gathered together.  Please contact Deacon Richard to schedule a time and day to come to Mass.

Father Stephen